Living Lab im Cluster Smart Logistik
30. August 2022

Smart Building Solutions Conference in Aachen

On September 13 and 14, 2022, the Smart Building Solutions conference will be held for the fourth time on RWTH Aachen Campus. This year, the conference for experts from the real estate industry will focus on strategies and implementation successes in the energy transition.

Center XL Assembly
6. July 2022

New center in Production Engineering Cluster: XL Assembly

As the ninth center in the Production Engineering Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus, XL Assembly will in future build up an industrial consortium that will jointly design, test and experience innovative technologies for the industrial assembly of the future.

#neuland Kongress
24. June 2022

Center Metropolitan Cities organises #neuland congress

On 28 and 29 June, the #neuland congress will take place in Aachen’s Liebig, which is considered a think tank for decision-makers from business, politics, science, the world of sport and culture, as well as for investors and start-ups.

3. June 2022

Baukongress – a review

Discuss, analyse, motivate: Leading experts from politics, science, associations and the construction industry met to discuss sustainability, automation and digitalisation at the Baukongress, which took place in Aachen on 1st and 2nd June, 2022.

2. June 2022

„Zeitfragmente“ Exhibition of Hubert Heinrich

On 9 June, an unusual project starts on RWTH Aachen Campus: Hubert Heinrich, an artist from Aachen, will exhibit his works between 13 and 24 June in the Catholic Chaplainy – QuellPunkt in the Production Engineering Cluster.

Celonis Innovationslabor auf dem RWTH Aachen Campus
24. May 2022

Celonis innovation lab on RWTH Aachen Campus

The Munich-based start-up Celonis, which will cooperate closely with RWTH Aachen University in the field of process mining, is opening an innovation lab in the Production Engineering Cluster on the Melaten campus.

6. May 2022

AZL Open Day on 24th May 2022

The Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Construction (AZL) invites interested companies to the AZL Open Day on 24 May 2022 at RWTH Aachen Campus.

10. February 2022

2 new members in the Center Smart Services

The Center Smart Serivces welcomes the companies DMG MORI and Westphalia DataLab (WDL) as its new members. DMG MORI is one of the largest manufacturers of metal-cutting machine tools in Germany. The company’s diverse portfolio ranges from CNC-controlled turning and…

Atrium FIR_Smart Building Solutions
8. September 2021

Symposium Smart Building Solutions 2021

For the third time, the who’s who of the real estate industry will meet at Smart Building Solutions from September 28 to 29, 2021, to explore current issues in the design of sustainable buildings, neighborhoods and cities.

21. July 2021

Autonomous driving with 5G

Interview with Timo Woopen and Laurent Klöker | Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) at RWTH Aachen about automated and autonomous driving with 5G.

19. July 2021

5G makes robots faster and safer

Interview with Christian Maasem I Center Director I Center Connected Industry about the unique 5G test environment at the Smart Logistics Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus.

13. January 2021

RWTH Aachen Campus is a hotspot for module construction

The Center Building and Infrastructure Engineering introduces the first practical guide for fire safety substantiation in modular construction in cooperation with the Ministry for Regional Identity, Communities and Local Government, Building and Gender Equality of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia

Tech-Inkubator | RWTH Aachen Campus
18. January 2019

RWTH starts construction of Europe’s largest tech incubator

The RWTH is pleased about a positive decision within the framework of the funding program “Excellence Start-up Center.NRW” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs NRW. This will enable RWTH Aachen University to implement its project “Your Venture, Your Way – Leading the Way in Orchestrating Entrepreneurship”.

Philipp Erdkönig | Comarch AG | RWTH Aachen Campus
5. December 2018

We asked Philipp Erdkönig | Comarch AG | Head of Strategic Product Management

Comarch is a global provider of IT solutions for mid-sized companies, large enterprises, small companies, banks and insurance carriers, as well as for the telecommunication and healthcare sector. The company is also an enrolled member of two centers in the Smart Logistics Cluster. Find out why and how Comarch is involved on RWTH Aachen Campus in our interview with Philipp Erdkönig, Head of Strategic Product Management at Comarch.

Eröffnung CT² | RWTH Aachen Campus
7. November 2018

Opening of the CT² Center for Teaching and Training

The CT² Center for Teaching and Training, the first investor building in the Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster, opened today. More than 150 guests from academia, industry and politics attended the opening ceremony.

Dr. Violett Zeller | Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center | RWTH Aachen Campus
18. September 2018

We asked Dr. Violett Zeller | Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center | 
Managing Partner

As managing partner, Dr. Violett Zeller is responsible for the strategic direction and ongoing development of the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center in the Smart Logistics Cluster. She has also been Head of Information Management department at FIR of RWTH Aachen since 2015. Her role furthermore includes a responsibility for the strategic development of the acatech Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index.

Mirzai | Techniker Krankenkasse | RWTH Aachen Campus
16. July 2018

We asked Masoud Mirzai | Techniker Krankenkasse | Head of Customer Service Campus Aachen

The health insurer Techniker Krankenkasse has been represented in the Smart Logistics Cluster by its branch TK Aachen-Melaten on Campus-Boulevard since the fall of 2014. Find out why TK opened a third branch office in Aachen on campus and what the experiences of the team are on RWTH Aachen Campus in this interview with Masoud Mirzai, Head of Customer Service Campus Aachen.

21. June 2018

We asked Toni Drescher | INC Invention Center | Center Director

Aachen is on its way to becoming the innovation hub for smart hardware. The founding of the Invention Center in 2014 made Toni Drescher one of the first pioneers to bring the industry to RWTH Aachen Campus. Find out more about the Invention Center and about technology and innovation management in our interview with Center Director Toni Drescher.

12. December 2017

We asked Markus Hannen | Vice President PTC

PTC’s software solutions support the manufacturing industry in developing, producing, operating and servicing of products. The company is an enrolled member of the European 4.0 Transformation Center within the Smart Logistics Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus. Why and how does…

27. October 2017

10th November 2017 | RWTH-Science Night

The RWTH Science Night will take place on 10th November. Professor Günther Schuh, too, will participate, delivering a presentation on the “e.GO electric car – developed on RWTH Aachen Campus

27. October 2017

Permanent E-Mobility Expert Commission

Minister President Armin Laschet welcomed renowned representatives from the industry and science communities to the state chancellery – among them Professor Günther Schuh, initia-tor of RWTH Aachen Campus, founder of the e.GO Mobile AG and member of the expert commission.

RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH
27. October 2017

Deutsche Welle reports about e.GO

A Deutsche Welle report on the e.GO provides an insight into the work on the RWTH Aachen Campus. Engineers Bastian Luedtke and Corinna Stengel and developer Dave Wood explain their contribution to the development of the e.GO Life electric car.

23. October 2017

6th December 2017 | Insights in the Smart Logistics Cluster

The Smart Logistics Cluster will open its doors on 6 December 2017 to interested CEOs and decision makers to provide insight under the motto of “Need for Speed – Speed as a Factor for Success” into collaboration between industry and research actors on RWTH Aachen Campus.

23. October 2017

Invention Center – opening of INCworX

The Invention Center opened its INCworX in the Production Engineering Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus during the 11th Aachen Convention for Technology- and Innovation Management lasting from October 18th-19th.

5. December 2016

Digital Transformation for the Development and Production of Electric Cars

The European 4.0 Transformation Center (E4TC) which is part of the Smart Logistics Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus under the direction of Dr. Rupert Deger deals with the question how to use digital processes for development and production of an electric car. 
The video presents the E4TC and its work on the new Aachen electric car e.GO Life.

Eröffnung Studentisches Wohnen Wohnung
7. November 2016

Opening of New Student Housing on Campus Melaten

RWTH Aachen and the City of Aachen decided to set aside two individual areas in the Campus Park on Campus Melaten for temporary student housing because of the high number of enrolled students and the lack of suitable student accommodation. Manfred Nettekoven (Chancellor of RWTH Aachen), Marianne Conradt (Aachen City District Mayoress), Sjef Thewissen (Blauw Estate BV) and Ute Willems (Building and Real Estate Management North Rhine-Westphalia) attended the official opening ceremony for the Student Campus Aachen today.

15. September 2016

Frauenrath Builds “Gate to Campus Melaten”

With a foundation stone ceremony in front of numerous guests, Frauenrath Group today marked the official start of construction of the Building for Teaching & Advanced Training for RWTH’s Faculty of Medicine, which will be part of the Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus.

Cluster Photonik Eroeffnung
15. September 2016

Grand opening of the Photonics Cluster

The International Laser Technology Congress AKL’16, organized by Fraunhofer ILT, welcomed more than 500 laser technology experts and 100 scientists, business leaders and politicians to the Campus Talk during the evening event