16 research clusters are under development on RWTH Aachen Campus in close proximity to major research institutes and facilities. Interdisciplinary teams of scientists work closely with industry consortia in the new research buildings under one roof. The companies involved

  • share resources with university institutes,
  • utilize synergy effects,
  • exchange knowledge directly on site and
  • collaborate in future-proof innovations.

More than 430 companies are currently represented in the centers on RWTH Aachen Campus. (center short descripton PDF)

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The clusters on RWTH Aachen Campus

Biomedical Engineering Cluster | RWTH Aachen Campus

The following centers are part of the Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster:

  • AMICARE (in initiation)
  • Citizen Centered Care (in initiation)
  • Holistic Intensive Care (in initiation)
  • Integrated Onkology (in initiation)
  • Nursing Care (in initiation)
  • Telemedizinzentrum Aachen
Sustainable Energy Cluster | RWTH Aachen Campus
The following centers are part of the Sustainable Energy Cluster:

Innovation Factory | RWTH Aachen Campus
Businesses get to implement innovations better, faster and leaner at the Innovation Factory. The unique ecosystem of RWTH Aachen Campus makes that possible. Academia and industry work together closely, which allows them to tap previously unimagined potential.


Test benches, laboratories and living labs

RWTH Aachen Campus offers companies a wide range of rentable infrastructure for prototype development or product testing. Whether it’s a 3D printer, a 5G research network, a system test bench for wind turbines or premises site for creative innovation processes – the professional expertise of RWTH Aachen University scientists is the basis for all projects.
future expansion, current 5G network

Campus GmbH/Steindl

The 5G research network includes four indoor networks with about 7,000 m² in 3 machine halls and one outdoor network on an area of one square kilometer – it is currently used for projects in production technology, logistics and mobility.
Maschinenpark der WBA


In the demonstration tool shop of the Tooling Academy, companies manufacture tool parts and components on more than 500 m² and are accompanied until series production.
Schuller Presse des AZL

Campus GmbH/Moll

The facilities in the machine hall with the size of nearly 650 m² are used to develop composite-based multi-material components and associated production concepts, including a Schuler press, thermoforming lines as well as robotic and gripper systems.
Infrastruktur des Lehrstuhl DAP

Lehrstuhl DAP / M. Irrmischer

The equipment of the Digital Additive Production (DAP) represents the entire digital and physical process chain of additive manufacturing. It includes a variety of machine systems for metal and plastic-based manufacturing and is used, for example, in consortium projects of the ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing.
Infrastruktur Anlauffabrik


For shorter ramp-up and industrialization times, developers, producers and suppliers use 2,100 m² of facilities to enable (electric) vehicles and components to be mass-produced under series-like conditions.
Infrastruktur CBMS

Bernd Klass

In specially designed system lab spaces, technical and biological components are combined to form biohybrid medical systems and tested, such as cardiovascular system implants and lung support systems.
Infrastruktur des CWD

Campus GmbH/Moll

The Center for Wind Power Drives with its 4MW system test rig for wind turbines offers an experimental hall including an installation area, a workshop and storage areas on more than 2,500 m².
Demonstrationsfabrik Aachen


In a real production environment, companies can experience Industry 4.0 live, test the possibilities of 5G, and develop and manufacture prototypes in the field of metal forming.
Halle des eLab


Approximately 1,900 m² of hall space provides companies with facilities for development, testing and prototype construction in the field of e-mobility – from the battery packaging laboratory and the Battery Abuse Center to the film coating line.
Innovation Labs Infrastruktur


It is examined in the Smart Application Innovation Lab, the Smart Systems Innovation Lab and the Service Science Innovation Lab in the Smart Logistics Cluster whether technologies already have the maturity and robustness for reliable industrial use.
Halle der Innovation Factory

Paull Schüll

Implementing innovation processes iteratively: The Camp of the Innovation Factory offers companies space for creativity and access to technologies and workshops to transform ideas into real products better, faster and more leanly.
INC-WorX Erlebniswelt

INC Invention Center/Niclas Coen

At INCWorX, companies will find an inspiring environment of around 800 m² with the opportunity to carry out innovation projects away from ingrained structures and corporate routine.


On the 10,000 m² reference construction site, new construction processes, networked machines and the use of robots are tested under real construction site conditions.

Event Rooms

In addition to the technical infrastructure, companies have access to a wide range of event spaces on RWTH Aachen Campus.
Veranstaltung im Cluster Smart Logistik

Jan Grüger

Veranstaltungsraum im Center for Teaching and Training CT²

RWTH International Academy