5. December 2017

Cars should become more environmentally friendly and efficient, the market for e-vehicles should finally be gaining momentum. EU commissioners are pushing for stricter regulations on CO2 limits, higher fines and an investment into the Europe-wide charging infrastructure. The creative minds headed by Günther Schuh, professor for machine construction in Aachen and founder of e.GO, are getting on with it: With the e.GO Life they have put a dynamic, attractive and affordable electric vehicle on the road which has caused quite a stir. REHAU, a worldwide successful development partner of the major in-dustry players, is now also a cooperation partner in this forward-looking project.

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Photo (from left): Christian Steinborn (CSO e.GO), Prof. Günther Schuh (CEO e.GO), Dr. Stefan Girschik (Deputy CEO REHAU Gruppe, back left), Petra Flemming (REHAU), Sascha Rosengart (REHAU Automotive, back right), Markus Grundmann (CEO REHAU Automotive) und Win Neidlinger (CFO e.GO)