23. August 2023
On September 20, the Systems Engineering Congress organized by Center Systems Engineering from Cluster Heavy Duty Drives will take place for the fifth time. The venue for this year’s event is the MHPArena Stuttgart. The congress speakers will intensively address the future of engineering and the implementation of sustainable product development by combining valuable insights from industry and research.

Participants gain practical insights into the activities of leading industrial companies that pave the way for innovations. The initiators of Center Systems Engineering, Prof. Georg Jacobs (Head of Cluster Heavy Duty Drives), Prof. Günther Schuh (Head of the Cluster Production Engineering) and the Center’s two managing directors, Dr. Jörg Berroth and Dr. Michael Riesener will present current research topics in the field of Systems Engineering at RWTH Aachen Campus.

The complete program for the Systems Engineering Congress and the possibility to register can be found here.

Use the exclusive discount code “Campus_15” and receive a 15 % discount on the regular ticket price to talk to the speakers about groundbreaking developments and innovations in the field of Systems Engineering.