19. December 2017

The HARTING Technology Group is now enrolled in the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center on RWTH Aachen Campus. The goal is to further intensify cooperation with RWTH experts on digitization over the next two years. The collaboration started around a year ago with the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Assessment.

Here, the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index was used for the first time – at that time as part of a study. Developed by FIR under the umbrella of acatech, the German Academy of Science and Engineering, the maturity model supports companies in developing a digital agenda, i.e. an implementation strategy for digital transformation. Since the study was published in April, the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center, as an open and neutral platform, is bundling the follow-up activities of research study and helping companies apply the Industrie4.0 Maturity Index.

In the summer of last year, HARTING decided to digitize its business processes further and deeper with the aim of proactively addressing customer requirements and further expanding its competitiveness. To this end, HARTING will set up a digitalization strategy in the coming months in order to then implement it in a targeted manner. Center employees will support the process of digital transformation in the company with their specialist knowledge and the corresponding methodology.

Learn more about the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center: www.i40mc.de