Our Offer


Enrollment of industry representatives

Individual companies can enroll in a specific center. There, they conclude a premium, business or basic membership. Depending on the type of membership chosen, they will be able to utilize the various elements from a range of five benefit categories.

Key prerequisite for a collaboration: National and international industry partners are represented on RWTH Aachen Campus. They inhabit center facilities or lease offices in cluster buildings.

Benefit Categories

The centers at RWTH Aachen Campus offer up to five benefit categories for enrolled members.



Enrolled members have the following options at RWTH Aachen Campus based on their presence:

Use of shorter routes for the assembly of an interdisciplinary team of scientists, Knowledge exchange with other enrolled members and scientists, Recruitment of qualified experts, Target-oriented personal development opportunities, Forging of new business partnerships, Attending or organizing of events, Receiving public awareness.


Research & development

The interdisciplinary team of scientists and the enrolled members jointly conduct research and development in the various centers. They have access to scientific know-how and are involved in the definition of relevant technology topics and research focal points on the topic areas of the relevant center over the coming years. The focus will be on visionary solutions that will strengthen the competitive edge of the enrolled members by way of e.g. product or process innovations. Decision-making processes are facilitated using shorter routes, the speed and quality of research results are improved and the research and development costs are reduced. Project meetings are conducted in regular intervals, where new project ideas are introduced and new consortia are formed.



The RWTH Aachen Campus community consists of all scientists and enrolled members. Campus members can participate in conferences, fairs and seminars of the various clusters and centers. Scientific exchange between academia and other enrolled members is therefore promoted.


Further Education

The interdisciplinary team of scientists develops target-oriented personal development programmes for the industry partners. These include seminars and training courses, as well as certification and master programmes. These personal development options enable employees to implement their newly gained know-how in their practical business environments, while at the same time developing their personal careers as part of a specific research environment.



The team of scientists offers enrolled members the full scope of their consultancy services. Based on the findings of scientific research, tailor-made solutions can be developed for enrolled members.