22. June 2022

Fewer cars on the roads carrying more people, especially during rush hour. That is the ambitious goal of e.Volution GmbH, which is based in the Production Technology Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus. On 22nd of June, company founder and RWTH professor Günther Schuh presented the prototype of the electric META Shuttle for commuters at the Berlin Greentech Festival, where experts discuss the latest technologies related to a sustainable lifestyle: One of the first Circular Economy vehicles whose technology and modularity allows components to be replaced and updated, significantly increasing the vehicle’s lifespan. Thanks to the unique architecture, consisting of an aluminium profile spaceframe and a high-quality and demountable thermoplastic exterior, a META Shuttle will in future be retreaded and updated in a re-assembly factory after every five years.

The holistic shuttle system offers seven seats, including up to four multimedia office workstations, an IT reservation platform and parking spaces in mobility hubs. Employers can subscribe to the shuttle system to make it available to their employees for free rides to and from work. With META Shuttle, e.Volution aims to achieve an average occupancy rate of four to five people per shuttle, thereby reducing the number of cars, especially at peak times.

Curious? Click here for the official press release of e.Volution GmbH.