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Mega trends like digitalization, automation, mobility, climate change, globalization or the demographic development change the world and pose great challenges for society. A consolidation of various academic disciplines and companies is required to solve these complex contexts and issues. RWTH Aachen Campus is a unique platform for finding answers to the relevant questions of the future.


One of the largest technology-oriented research landscapes in Europe is currently in development on an area of 800,000 m².

Research Clusters and Centers

Already now, academia and industry are conducting joint
research on RWTH Aachen Campus. The subject areas are embedded in 16 long-term clusters. The centers represent operative units that are focused on individual future issues, in which interdisciplinary teams and industry consortia work jointly on visionary approaches to solving these issues. Six clusters with more than 30 centers are currently being developed on Campus Melaten: Bio-Medical Engineering, Sustainable Energy,
Photonics, Production Engineering, Heavy-Duty Drives and Smart Logistics. A temporary reference construction site has been set up on Campus West for the Construction Cluster to research the construction site of the future. 433 companies are already involved as members on RWTH Aachen Campus.

eGO Life

Next.e.GO Mobile SE

Lighthouse Projects

Initial innovative lighthouse projects are now being developed on RWTH Aachen Campus, which were made possible by the initiators relying on the services and results of the various centers. In the area of electromobility, e.GO is the second electric vehicle manufacturer after StreetScooter to emerge from this network. Production researchers have shown that Industrie 4.0 allows for fast development processes and particularly cost-efficient prototype and series production. e.GO Life went into serial production in 2018 at a new factory in Aachen Rothe Erde, which was set up for an initial capacity of 10,000 vehicles per year. The aeronautics center Air s.Pace introduced the new development project Silent Air Taxi in 2018: a small aircraft for short and regional routes, which is set to complement and optimize existing mobility options.

Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory should be seen as a place for invention and development that focuses specifically on innovation projects. The aim of the Innovation Factory is to allow industrial enterprises to develop innovative products better, faster and leaner. Developer teams move into the Innovation Factory temporarily, where they are provided with relevant expertise and infrastructure on over 60,000 m². Some companies are already in the process of developing their own accelerators on RWTH Aachen Campus.



RWTH Aachen University has always cooperated closely with companies from industry and business. It recognized the need for interdisciplinary and consortial cooperation and launched the project RWTH Aachen Campus in 2009 as part of its growth strategy. The aim is to develop into an integrated, interdisciplinary technical university.

Enrollment of industry representatives

Individual companies can enroll in a specific center. There, they conclude a premium, business or basic membership. Depending on the type of membership chosen, they will be able to utilize the various elements from a range of five benefit categories.

Key prerequisite for a collaboration: National and international industry partners are represented on RWTH Aachen Campus. They inhabit center facilities or lease offices in cluster buildings.

For consortial developments and implementations of ideas, the campus offers

  • access to know-how and resources,
  • dialog and discussions at conferences, congresses and a range of further education formats,
  • recruitment options for young talents and
  • the possibility to showcase companies.

The close, consortial cooperation facilitates coordination processes, accelerates research results and improves their quality, while at the same time reducing costs for research and development.

Room for research

One of the largest research environments in Europe is being created on 2.5 km².


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Cluster areas Campus Melaten
Campus Melaten with its 6 initial clusters

Campus Melaten represents the first RWTH Aachen Campus expansion stages. Eleven research clusters will be built here step by step on 473,000 m².
Six initial clusters on Campus Melaten have been realized since 2009:

  • Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster
  • Sustainable Energy Cluster
  • Photonics Cluster
  • Production Engineering Cluster
  • Heavy-Duty Drives Cluster
  • Smart Logistics Cluster

Restaurants, shops and service providers on Campus Melaten have ensured its integration in public life. Vincerola GmbH is currently supervising up to 80 children at their bilingual daycare facility. The health insurance provider Techniker Krankenkasse and the local bank Sparkasse Aachen have opened subsidiaries on Campus Boulevard. Bistro Restaurant Forckenbeck and Restaurant Boulevard 30 are the first hospitality concepts represented on Campus Melaten. Since fall of 2015, 285 temporary student accommodations have been created in the Campus Park.


Campus GmbH/Winandy

Development plan for Campus West approved

Campus West is the second installment of the two-stage development of RWTH Aachen Campus. Five research clusters will be developed in an area measuring 325,000 m² around Aachen’s train station Westbahnhof. These are closely linked to the existing institutes on Campus Mitte (Campus Central) in terms of location as well as topics.

In July 2018, RWTH Aachen University acquired for the planned Campus West some defunct terrain from the former freight yard from the building and real estate management authority of the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia (Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW). The development plan was approved by the city of Aachen on June 23, 2021. The city is expected to start developing the site from 2023.

Research buildings created by renowned investors and architects

RWTH Aachen University won nine sponsorships for research buildings (in accordance with Article 91b, Section 1, Provision 3 GG) over rivaling research locations. These research buildings were completed on RWTH Aachen Campus. Private sector investors provide supplementary financing for the public funding. Those investors are additionally constructing buildings on RWTH Aachen Campus.

The federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia is the owner of the land on which the university expansion will be located. The various plots will be made available as leaseholds. The building permits for the clusters will be allocated within the scope of a pan-European tender invitation by way of a competitive bidding and negotiation process.

The following investor and architect teams have been selected to date:
Cluster Smart Logistik


Smart Logistics Cluster
ante4C GmbH (Aachen) in partnership with the architectural office Meyer & van Schooten (Amsterdam)

Campus GmbH/Richter

Production Engineering Cluster
IMMOFINANZ Group (Vienna) in partnership with the architectural office HENN Architekten (Munich)
Cluster Photonic

Campus GmbH/Horsky

Photonics Cluster
ante4C GmbH (Aachen) in partnership with the architectural office KPF Architects (New York)
Centor for Teaching and Training

Campus GmbH/Steindl

Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster
Frauenrath Group (Heinsberg) in partnership with the architectural office sop GmbH & Co. KG (Düsseldorf)


RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH

RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH was founded specifically to assume the management of the RWTH Aachen Campus. As a joint subsidiary of RWTH Aachen University (95%) and the City of Aachen (5%) it is responsible for the development, realization and safeguarding of the overall Campus concept.

As the representative of RWTH Aachen University, the company is fully responsible for the development and realization of the entire strategic concept. It coordinates all activities relating to RWTH Aachen Campus and represents the interests of all key stakeholder groups, both internally and externally. the company has the exclusive right to decide on the utilization of the new Campus premises as the contracting authority.

RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH
Campus-Boulevard 57
52074 Aachen
Phone +49 241 80-27374
Fax +49 241 80-627374
Email info@rwth-campus.com
Web www.rwth-campus.com



The university expansion area Campus Melaten is owned by the building and real estate management authority of the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia (Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW), which is responsible for managing the real estate of the land North-Rhine Westphalia and around 4,250 properties with a book value of nine billion euros throughout the state. It provides the plots required for the Campus Melaten as leasehold. The BLB branch office in Aachen is responsible for the development of the construction sites on Campus Melaten. At the same time, it realizes research buildings and infrastructure facilities for the university on campus.

Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 10
52074 Aachen
Phone +49 241 43510-370
Fax +49 241 43510-198
Email AC.Campus@blb.nrw.de
Web www.blb.nrw.de


City of Aachen

The city and the university together are pursuing the goal of making the RWTH one of the world‘s leading technology universities and of establishing and expanding Aachen as an international academic and business location with the RWTH Aachen Campus project.

According to zoning plan no. 915 for the Campus Melaten, which came into force in December 2009, the City of Aachen has create the planning law requirements for further development areas of the RWTH Aachen Campus with the zoning plan no. 923 – Campus West.

City of Aachen
Fachbereich Wirtschaftsförderung/ Europäische Angelegenheiten
Johannes-Paul-II.-Straße 1
52062 Aachen
Phone +49 241 432-7610
Fax +49 241 432-7699
Email wifoe@mail.aachen.de
Web www.aachen.de




Campus GmbH

Dr. Klaus Feuerborn
Managing Director

T +49 241 80-25341

Campus GmbH/Richter

Martina Mainz
Managing Director

T +49 241 80-25331

Dr. Mareike Neumann Prokuristin & Cluster- und Center-Entwicklung

Campus GmbH

Dr. Mareike Neumann
Authorized Representative &
Cluster and Center Development

T +49 241 80-29957

Assistant of the Management

Campus GmbH/Richter

Petra Müller
Assistant of the Management

T +49 241 80-27374

Campus GmbH

Ayca Kuzey

T +49 241 80-25550

Portrait Beatrice Finantu

Campus GmbH

Beatrice Finanţu
Finance and Accounting

T +49 241 80-25334

Cluster and Center Development

Dr. Sheila Gloßner Cluster- und Center-Entwicklung

Campus GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Sheila Gloßner
Cluster and Center Development

T +49 241 80-25373

Project Planning

Campus GmbH/Richter

Martina Langanke
Dipl.-Ing. (TH) Architektin
Project Planning and Controlling

T +49 241 80-25552

Campus GmbH

Sebastian R. Möller
Dipl.-Ing. (TH) Architekt
Project Planning and Controlling

T +49 241 80-27381

Portrait Maren Heck

Campus GmbH

Maren Heck, M.Sc.
Project Planning and Controlling

T +49 241 80-27374

Marketing and Public Relations

Campus GmbH/Richter

Wiebke Kühlken
Magistra Artium M.A.
Senior Campus Marketing Manager

T +49 241 80-25332

Dounia Kerroumi Junior Campus Marketing Manager

Campus GmbH

Dounia Kerroumi
Junior Campus Marketing Manager

T +49 241 80-25795

Portrait David Horward

Campus GmbH

David Horward
Senior Campus Communications Manager

T +49 241 80-25796