30. May 2018
Sparkasse Aachen opened a branch in the Smart Logistics Cluster on Campus-Boulevard in January 2016. We asked Salim Azmani, Head of Campus Melaten branch, why Sparkasse moved to RWTH Aachen Campus and what the team has experienced over the past two years.

Why did Sparkasse decide to open a branch on RWTH Aachen Campus?

We realized one thing very early on: Campus Melaten is a perfect location for successful businesses that know how important close proximity to research and development can be. The location also draws young start-ups – that means plenty of business potential for us. We have the unique selling point of being the first and only financial service provider on campus, which we highlight with customized offers, flexible opening hours and top-class consulting services. Our success shows that we are on the right track.

Are your branch and your customers different here than at other Sparkasse locations? And if yes: how are they different? What is it that makes the Campus Melaten location so special?

We are a highly motivated and experienced team and we look after private as well as business customers in our branch. As the campus is constantly expanding and developing in terms of infrastructure as well, we actively approach new businesses and individuals arriving on campus. That group in particular offers a great number of potential new clients. We offer our services to businesses and students, we assist young start-ups locally and use our expertise to support the development of a promising new economic structure in an exciting environment.

What were your and your team’s highlights during your two years at the local branch and/or on RWTH Aachen Campus in general?

In addition to the many inspiring contacts we made at the branch itself, our partnership with RWTH Aachen offers very interesting points of reference. For example, our team is represented at the RWTH graduation ceremony each year. We get to talk to young graduates about many topics – including the options available on Campus Melaten as a future-oriented workplace. My colleagues and I have found the many possibilities for active networking with businesses represented on campus a very positive experience: We do a lot more than just looking for new clients at carnival celebrations, BBQs, Christmas parties and of course at the now almost traditional “decorating of the Christmas tree” – we get to meet a lot of very nice people.
What does your team enjoy most about RWTH Aachen Campus? And what would you and your team change on Campus Melaten?
We just love being there for our clients at this young and modern branch. The transport infrastructure is great, the environment is up-to-date and we even have some electric charging stations. There are plenty of green areas for relaxing at break times – there could, however, be a few more shops for everyday needs. But most importantly: The people who live and work here are friendly, inquisitive and open-minded. Overall a really good clientele.

How do you personally perceive the development on RWTH Aachen Campus?

The campus is increasingly taking on an urban landscape. We are right at the forefront here and can see, how private sector investors and internationally renowned architects realize some next generation research buildings, while creating a very attractive overall image. A realistic view of the future: Campus Melaten and Campus West, which actually are jointly comparable in size to Aachen’s city center, will create an entirely new living and working space with up to 10,000 jobs long-term. That is definitely something to look forward to for Aachen and for the region.