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Prof. Volker Stich
Cluster Director
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Smart Logistics Cluster

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More than 350 individuals from science and industry are currently engaged in research projects in the Smart Logistics Cluster. The research focus here is to find solutions for the flow of information and goods in the cyber-physical world of the future. The research is based on the presumption that the digital world will be networked at near realtime via the internet.

The integration of system environments is mobilizing industry worldwide. Industry 4.0 (4th Industrial Revolution) and Industrial Internet are key buzzwords in this context. The interplay of

  • sensors in virtually all production machines, tools and devices, as well as on all charge carriers and work pieces,
  • an unlimited number of IP addresses,
  • a fast internet,
  • realtime-capable mobile and landline communication,
  • cloud computing and
  • IT service platforms

creates a radically improved infrastructure. That infrastructure needs fine tuning and experimentation. Only then can it be deployed in the industry – and particularly in mid-sized companies – for increased productivity. The current heterogeneity of IT systems and lack of data consistency hinder any possible productivity improvements. That is why the Smart Logistics Cluster looks into how

  • system environments can be made to grow together,
  • databases can be homogenized and
  • processes can be automated


The ultimate goal here is to realize the vision of One single source of truth: a unique, reliable and universally applicable data source. It will facilitate the long-term integration of various IT system environments like

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning),
  • MUS (Material Usage Systems),
  • PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

Various centers focus on conceptional and experimental collaborations with supply and user companies to find the potential and challenges facing producers, logistics companies and ICT suppliers (Information & Communication Technology).

The following centers form the research focus in the Smart Logistics Cluster:


Centers in initiation: