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Production Engineering Cluster

Digital Connected Production

The Production Engineering Cluster is one of the largest research laboratories for production engineering and Industrie 4.0 in Europe. Science and industry are jointly experimenting with the new possibilities arising from Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Production (IoP) for the product development process, cyber-physically integrated production and the utilization of products. They also deal with the question of how these can help create a more agile and sustainable production – for more resilient businesses of the future.

Their research focuses mainly on:

  • the close-to-real-time simulation of complex production chains based on technological innovations using a digital shadow,
  • agile and sustainable product development with innovative business models,
  • “learning” factories based on big data usage,
  • utilization concepts for cloud-based control technologies to allow full-scope production control, and
  • “sustainable productivity” as a new basis for productivity consciousness.


Collective implementation & further development of the IoP

The availability of data, information, and knowledge anywhere and at any time is seen as a key promise of Industrie 4.0. This is made possible by the so-called Internet of Production (IoP), which makes raw data along the product life cycle usable with the help of a digital shadow. The aim is to plan and intelligently optimize the demand, utilization, development and production of serial goods based on sound data. The Production Engineering Cluster has dedicated itself to the collective implementation and further development of the IoP in an effort to revolutionize production in its entirety.


More resilience based on agile & sustainable production

The IoP will specifically help in the decision-making and actions process in terms of development and production needs based on actual data-driven demand for production requirements and numbers. Data capture and machine learning allow quick and error-free improvements, raw material and energy savings, and reduced wear and tear on tools and machines. This kind of agile and sustainable production will result in more resilience – i.e. the ability to handle crisis situations and to return to profitability in less time.

Prof. Günther Schuh | Director of the Production Engineering Cluster
Prof. Wolfgang Boos | Member of the Management Board of the Production Engineering Cluster


Cooperation between science & industry


key figures from science and industry


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At the Production Engineering Cluster, enrolled industry companies from the sectors for production machinery, road and rail vehicles, electric drive systems, aircraft and complex tools collaborate with institutes and faculties like the Laboratory for Machine Tools WZL, the Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems ifas, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT. Enrolled companies benefit from the membership and the various benefit categories offered by the centers.

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White paper “Die Produktionswende”

In the white paper „Die Produktionswende – Turning Data into Sustainability“, the need for a redefinition of the concept of productivity in manufacturing companies, towards a comprehensive view of sustainability is derived.

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