Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster






Prof. Thomas Schmitz-Rode
Cluster Director
The Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster specializes in the research and development of integrative methods and products for prevention, diagnostics and therapy. Experts from the areas of science and industry are developing innovations – including new technologies such as 5G for telemedicine or artificial intelligence for data evaluation and pattern recognition innovations – for

  • Clinical and experimental imaging,
  • Image-guided therapy,
  • Organ support,
  • Personal healthcare,
  • Tissue engineering,
  • Personalized medical technology and
  • Pharmaceutical product development.

Cardiovascular, pulmonary and tumor-related diseases are on the rise in an ageing population. The demand rises for

  • Implants,
  • Intelligent organ support systems and
  • Pharmaceutical therapy with minimal side effects.

Purely technical solutions have their limits in terms of functionality and lifecycle. The combination of traditional engineering sciences with biological, production and IT know-how is resulting in bio-hybrid medical systems, e.g. cell-coated implants or organ-supporting systems for heart and lungs.

Institutes from the faculties of mechanical engineering, electro technology, mathematics, physical science and medicine at RWTH Aachen University deliver specific methods and technologies.

In addition to diagnostics and therapy, empowering citizens to become self-confident, autonomous (co)decision-makers is taking on an increasingly important role. Ideally, every individual has a high level of health awareness (mindset, lifestyle change) and becomes a consumer of health services. This is to be supported, among other things, by establishing a sharing economy platform as a transparent, learning network with low-threshold access to personalized healthcare.

The Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster is characterized by the spatial interlinking and close interaction between:

  • Uniklinik Aachen (University hospital Aachen),
  • Faculty of Medicine of RWTH Aachen University,
  • Helmholtz-Institute for Biomedical Engineering
  • Zentrum für Biomedizintechnik (Center for Bio-Medical Engineering),
  • Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials,
  • Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University,
  • Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems,
  • CT² Center for Teaching and Training and
  • Smart Logistics Cluster.

Center in Initiation

  • Citizen Centered Care
  • Holistic Intensive Care
  • Intergrated Onkology
  • Nursing Care