10. April 2017
The electric compact car e.GO Life, which has been developed on RWTH Aachen Campus, can be seen in its new design at CeBIT.

The Aachen-based electric car company e.GO Mobile AG presents the city car e.GO Life with its ultimate design at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover (March 20-24, 2017, Hall 5, Booth C38) at the Showcase “Digitalization Live”. The e.GO Mobile AG redesigned the electric car that had originally been devised as a heavy quadricycle to a standard passenger car of the vehicle category M1. The e.GO Life presents itself as a high-acceleration city car that is excellent value for money at a price of 15,900 Euro (before deduction of the environmental bonus). The e.GO Life series production will start in spring 2018, ordering will be possible after May 2017.

At the “Digitalization Live” booth, e.GO, the European 4.0 Transformation Center on RWTH Aachen Campus and its technology partners PTC, PSI, Exceet and justSelling demonstrate how it is possible for an absolutely new vehicle concept to quickly and effectively succeed in a highly iterative development process making use of the Scrum methodology known from the software industry. The e.GO Life Rolling Chassis exemplifies the digital chain, realizing Augmented Reality Robotics within series production, virtual factory planning and vehicle data transmission in a digital shadow. The almost closed information logistics chain illustrates how the costs of development, production and logistics may be reduced significantly.

Read the complete press release on the website e-go-mobile.com.

Coverage in German Media

CeBIT.de, 1 March 2017
“Digitization Live: Digitization Makes Electric Cars Affordable”

electrive.net, 20 March 2017
“CeBIT: e.GO Life – Premiere für elektrisches Stadtauto”
(“CeBIT: e.GO Life – Premiere for Electric City Car”)

ecomento.tv, 20 March 2017
“Deutscher Elektroauto-Flitzer e.GO Life kommt 2018”
(“German Electric Scooter e.GO Life Available 2018”)

Aachener Zeitung, 20 March 2017
“Vorhang auf für das elektromobile Stadtauto ‘e.GO Life’ aus Aachen”
(“The Curtain Rises for ‘e.GO Life,’ the electric City Car from Aachen”)

Computerwelt.at, 20 March 2017
“CeBIT 2017: Digitalisierung braucht ein neues ERP”
(“CeBIT 2017: Digitalization Needs New ERP”)

t3n, 21 March 2017
“Ego Life: Dieser deutsche Elektroflitzer kostet nur 16.000 Euro”
(“e.GO LIfe: this German Electric Scooter Only Costs 16,000 Euros”)

heise online, 22 March 2017
“e.Go Life: Elektro-Stadtauto soll 16.000 Euro kosten”
(“e.GO Life: Electric City Car to Cost 16,000 Euros”)

Autonotizen, 20 March 2017
“National, rational. e.Go und CITY eTaxi: neue Elektroautoprojekte”
(“National, rational. e.GO and CITY eTaxi: New Electric-Car Projects”)

auto motor sport, 23 March 2017
“e.Go Life auf der CeBIT vorgestellt: Elektroauto ab 16.000 Euro”
(“e.GO Life Presented at CeBIT: Electric Car at 16,000 Euros”)

Computer Bild, 22 March 2017
“e.GO Life: Entwickler präsentieren ihr Elektroauto auf der CeBIT”
(“e.GO Life: Developers Present Their Electric Car at CeBIT”)

Automobilwoche, 22 March 2017
“Elektroauto e.Go Life: Start-Up-Flitzer geht für 16.000 Euro in den Verkauf”
(“Electric Car e.GO Life: Start-up Scooter Goes on Sale for 16,000 Euros”)

automomativ.de, 21 March 2017
“e.GO Life als putziges Elektroauto für nur 16.000 Euro!”
(“e.GO Life – a Cute Electric Car for Only 16,000 Euros!”)

Das Elektroauto e.GO Life von vorn

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