23. October 2017
The Smart Logistics Cluster will open its doors on 6 December 2017 to interested CEOs and decision makers to provide insight under the motto of “Need for Speed – Speed as a Factor for Success” into collaboration between industry and research actors on RWTH Aachen Campus.
As the institute leading the cluster, FIR invites you to participate in the public part of the Center Conference, starting at 12 noon. Across four parallel workshops, participants will be able to actively engage with the key issues on digitalization:

  • Platform economy and software-based services
  • Future logistics applying technologies of the future
  • Cloud transformation – from monoliths to modular micro services
  • Managing digital transformation – the way to an Industrie 4.0 business

Following presentation of workshop results, project partners will present best practices from 5 pm onwards, showing how swiftly prototypes can be produced through collaboration and how rapidly these can be transferred to real application. Afterwards, there will be time for networking over snacks and drinks.

Businesses and their management are facing the task of addressing changes and adapting their businesses fast. Swift action ensures their company’s competitiveness. Owing to the constant high speed at which society and technology evolve, they have to find suitable ways to compete on the market. The more competitive a market, the more crucial it is for businesses to meet client expectations with their products and services. If businesses live up to these expectations, the overall requirements of the industry increase, which in turn will lead to rising demands as to speed. Which industry the business is operating in is practically secondary: Manufacturing, services, trade, media or banks alike hamper their prospects of sustaining themselves on the market if they fail to innovate and adapt to new requirements fast enough.

For the program in German (with speakers from the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center, the Center Smart Services and the Center Connected Industry) and to sign up for free, please click here! This event will be held in German.