29. April 2024

In the Campus ecosystem, many companies are seeking skilled professionals. The regional career fair “Nacht der Unternehmen” (NdU) allows these companies to directly connect with potential candidates. Students, graduates, (young) professionals, and doctoral candidates have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the diversity and quality of potential employers in a short amount of time—and to personally meet some of them.

From the Campus ecosystem, the Service Performance Center (SPC) from the Smart Logistics Cluster will be present at the “Nacht der Unternehmen” on May 14th from 4 p.m. onwards at the Technologiezentrum Aachen (TZA) located at Europaplatz. The SPC collaborates with companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector to facilitate their transformation from product manufacturers to solution providers. As one of approximately 50 exhibitors, the SPC will provide information to interested professionals, newcomers to the workforce, and graduates from Aachen about job entry opportunities.

Admission to the “Nacht der Unternehmen” is free. In addition to the company presentation booths, there will be a program of workshops, presentations, a resume check, and professional headshot services available for the approximately 2,000 visitors. A shuttle service will also be provided to transport interested individuals to various companies that wish to showcase their headquarters.

You’re already occupied on May 14th and won’t be able to connect with the representatives from the Service Performance Center at the “Night of the Companies” in the Technology Center Aachen at Europaplatz? No problem – the SPC is available to assist you, regardless of the career fair. Feel free to reach out to them for guidance and support!

Contact Person
Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Schacht
Center Director