7. June 2017

Building and Real-Estate Management North Rhine-Westphalia Commits Research Building to RWTH Aachen University

Today saw the opening ceremony of the „Center for Next Generation Processes and Products (NGP²)“ on RWTH Aachen Campus (Campus Melaten). This building will be the new home of the five RWTH departments for process and chemical engineering, which were hitherto located in different buildings within Aachen. The NGP2 does not only lend a common roof to the departments, but also places them in the vicinity of local cooperation partners from the fields of chemistry, biology and biotechnology. On a rental area of about 11,000 m2, the best conditions for research have been created: apart from office space, rooms for conventions, lectures, seminars and meetings as well as laboratories and workshops are available. The centerpiece of NGP2 is a three-story modular biorefinery at pilot-plant scale. Here, new processes for transforming green or wooden biomass into platform chemicals and fuel components are researched. The focus is mainly on developing the necessary equipment and  process steps as well as on determining the mechanisms that are at work during the process.

Here you can read the press release in German on the website of the Building and Real-Estate Management North Rhine-Westphalia.