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Turning Data into Productivity

Our vision is to make structured and unstructured data accessible for research and development in order to increase innovation productivity. In the context of manufacturing companies, this will include a data-supported derivation of insights about the market, the customers and the production to derive requirements for future products as well as the facilitation of targeted development processes. The relevant data will be extracted from the market, development and production cycles.

The R&D Intelligence Center organizes knowledge exchange between experts and will allow your company to take the next step in close collaboration with partners from academia and industry with the aim of

  • fostering a customer-centered product development and
  • forcing an acceleration of the product development process.
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Fields of action

In line with the overarching vision of the R&D Intelligence Center to utilize data to increase innovation productivity, the main focus is on the implementation of specific R&D use cases and an organizationally as well as technologically sustainable implementation.

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Service Offering of the R&D Intelligence Center

In addition to an inclusion in the RWTH Aachen Campus ecosystem, the service offering facilitates knowledge exchange and best practice sharing within our community, as well as collaborations in consortial and bilateral projects. While the aim of knowledge exchange is mainly focusing on generating new impulses within your company, the objective of consortial projects is the joint development of demonstrators. Bilateral projects focus on the concrete application of R&D Intelligence in your company.

Multiple companies bundle their know-how in consortial projects and share the costs – resulting in the implementation of research projects that would otherwise never have come to fruition. The members are involved in deciding on the technology topics and research topics for the coming years, utilize topic-specific further education offerings for their own personnel and include the generated knowledge for their internal innovation process.

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  • Access to the campus community
  • Use of the RWTH Aachen member logo
  • Temporary usage of shared desks
  • Booking of conference rooms
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Research & development

  • Consortial R&D projects
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Grants management
  • Annual R&D Intelligence audit
  • Involvement in the selection of center topics
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  • Work group participation
  • Participation in the annual conference & congress
  • Access to Campus Extranet
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Further Education

  • Seminar offerings
  • Webinar offerings
  • Hosting of in-house training sessions
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  • Consultancy services (management workshops etc.)
  • Development of tools and demonstration aides
  • Access to campus infrastructure and experts


RD-Intelligence-Center_Dölle R&D Intelligence Center
Dr.-Ing. Christian Dölle
Center Director
Phone: +49 (0)241 80-27568
Mobile: +49 (0)151 43184343
E-Mail: c.doelle@wzl.rwth-aachen.de