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140171_Headerbild_RWTH_IF_1170x555_V01-360x220 RWTH Aachen Campus is a hotspot for module construction
13. January 2021

RWTH Aachen Campus is a hotspot for module construction

The Center Building and Infrastructure Engineering introduces the first practical guide for fire safety substantiation in modular construction in cooperation with the Ministry for Regional Identity, Communities and Local Government, Building and Gender Equality of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia

170517_Rundschreiben_Website_Newsletter-360x220 RWTH starts construction of Europe's largest tech incubator
18. January 2019

RWTH starts construction of Europe’s largest tech incubator

The RWTH is pleased about a positive decision within the framework of the funding program “Excellence Start-up Center.NRW” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs NRW. This will enable RWTH Aachen University to implement its project “Your Venture, Your Way – Leading the Way in Orchestrating Entrepreneurship”.

181107_Eröffnung-CT²-Center-for-Teaching-and-Training©Campus-GmbH_Steindl-360x220 Opening of the CT² Center for Teaching and Training
7. November 2018

Opening of the CT² Center for Teaching and Training

The CT² Center for Teaching and Training, the first investor building in the Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster, opened today. More than 150 guests from academia, industry and politics attended the opening ceremony.

Test-360x220 Opening of New Student Housing on Campus Melaten
7. November 2016

Opening of New Student Housing on Campus Melaten

RWTH Aachen and the City of Aachen decided to set aside two individual areas in the Campus Park on Campus Melaten for temporary student housing because of the high number of enrolled students and the lack of suitable student accommodation. Manfred Nettekoven (Chancellor of RWTH Aachen), Marianne Conradt (Aachen City District Mayoress), Sjef Thewissen (Blauw Estate BV) and Ute Willems (Building and Real Estate Management North Rhine-Westphalia) attended the official opening ceremony for the Student Campus Aachen today.

Grundsteinlegung-LWG2_a-360x220 Frauenrath Builds "Gate to Campus Melaten"
15. September 2016

Frauenrath Builds “Gate to Campus Melaten”

With a foundation stone ceremony in front of numerous guests, Frauenrath Group today marked the official start of construction of the Building for Teaching & Advanced Training for RWTH’s Faculty of Medicine, which will be part of the Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus.

Cluster_Photonik_Eroeffnung©Fraunhofer_ILT_Steindl-360x220 Grand opening of the Photonics Cluster
15. September 2016

Grand opening of the Photonics Cluster

The International Laser Technology Congress AKL’16, organized by Fraunhofer ILT, welcomed more than 500 laser technology experts and 100 scientists, business leaders and politicians to the Campus Talk during the evening event