25. April 2017

Minister for Economic Affairs Garrelt Duin Announces the Location Decision of the e.GO Mobile AG and Hands Over Allocation Decision

Garrelt Duin (Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany), Marcel Philipp (Mayor, Town of Aachen), Professor Günther Schuh (CEO, e.GO Mobile AG), Peter Adrian (Manager, TRIWO AG) as well as Professor Malte Brettel (Vice-Rector for Industry and Business Relations, RWTH Aachen University) today announced in the Production Engineering Cluster on RWTH Aachen Campus in front of an audience of more than 100 guests from science, economy and politics the production site of the second Aachen electric car. The series production of the e.GO Life will start in spring 2018 in the TRIWO Technopark, Aachen. The state of North-Rhine Westphalia provides funding for the construction of the production site under the “Regional Business Promotion” programme (RWP). Minister Duin handed over the allocation decision of approximately 2.6 million euros. The overall investment amounts to 25.7 million euros. The TRIWO AG will erect the buildings and rent them to the e.GO Mobile AG who will establish a model Industrie 4.0 factory there.

Minister for Economic Affairs Garrelt Duin: “The new production site emphasizes the importance of North Rhine-Westphalia as a top-quality site for innovative research, development and production. At the same time, it highlights the position of Aachen and the RWTH University as an important center of e-mobility. I am pleased to say that we continue to support this development with our allocation and contribute to the job market in the Aachen region.”

On 16,000 square meters, assembly and logistics halls as well as office space will be created in Lilienthalstraße 1, the TRIWO Technopark Aachen, which is the former Philips site. e.GO Mobile AG’s production of the affordable city car e.GO Life at a price of € 15,900 (before deduction of the environmental bonus) will start in the second quarter of 2018. “We are proud to be able to start the series production of up to 10,000 vehicles per year in Aachen in spring 2018”, says Professor Günther Schuh, CEO of the e.GO Mobile AG and adds: “We will create 140 new jobs.“

Mayor Marcel Philipp sees the decision to produce the e.GO in Aachen as a clear commitment and a consolidation of the center of innovation: “I am delighted that after the StreetScooter now the next trendsetting electric car, the e.GO Life, has not only been developed in Aachen but will also be built here. It is a perfect match for our ambitions as a university town and center of science to participate in pushing forward the mobility of the future. And it creates high quality jobs.”

The start of the construction of the group of buildings by the TRIWO AG was in March 2017. The designs originate from the Pasucha-Klepzig Architekten GmbH from Trier.

v.l.n.r.: Garrelt Duin (NRW-Wirtschaftsminister), Professor Günther Schuh (CEO e.GO Mobile AG), Marcel Philipps (Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Aachen), Professor Malte Brettel (Prorektor für Wirtschaft und Industrie, RWTH Aachen University)

e.GO Mobile AG/Steindl

f.l.t.r.: Garrelt Duin (Minister for Economic Affairs North Rhine-Westphalia), Prof. Günther Schuh (CEO e.GO Mobile AG), Marcel Philipp (Mayor, Town of Aachen), Prof. Malte Brettel (Vice-Rector for Industry and Business Relations, RWTH Aachen University)
Produktionsstätte der e.GO Mobile AG auf dem TRIWO-Gelände in Aachen

e.GO Mobile AG

Production site of e.GO Mobile AG on the premises of TRIWO in Aachen
Designmodell des e.GO Life

Next.e.GO Mobile SE

Design model of the e.GO Life