Construction Cluster

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Hegger
Cluster Director
The Construction Cluster deals with innovations, new technologies and their implementation and introduction in the construction sector. One focus of the cluster is on the networking of devices and machinery to allow the digital mapping of increasingly complex construction processes in the context of BIM to effectively make construction processes more efficient, while optimally supporting strategy planning.

The cluster furthermore addresses multi-functional, configurable materials, construction methods and components in terms of potentials in (pre-)production and installation. The objective is to improve on-site productivity of materials, workers and machinery and speed up processes using integrated planning tools and state-of-the-art automation. Another focus is on increasing the efficiency and speed of sometimes lengthy certification and market introduction processes. The cluster aims to drive relevant qualifications for construction sector staff to allow the use of productive, digital tools.


The following centers form the key research areas in the Construction Cluster:


Centers in initiation: