Multimodal Mobility Center

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Simplifying End-to-End Connections

Multimodal mobility is a key element to handle challenges in the context of the Metropolitan Cities initiative aiming at:

  • 0-emissions
  • no traffic jams
  • 100%-network coverage
  • attractiveness for citizens and companies

To reach such ambitious goals the collaboration between industry, research and politics is inevitable.

Companies can participate

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Organizational framework for Multimodal Mobility

The key of multimodal mobility is the simplification of end-to-end connections in order to provide the mobility user an enhanced experience. This goal can only be achieved if stakeholders from the sectors mobility providers, mobility systems and mobility components collaborate to develop new concepts.

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Our organizational framework offers numerous opportunities to collaborate with other enrolled members across all determinants to support the development of concepts with an optimal focusing on mobility users. The first fields of action have been defined in the consortium and are currently being worked on.

Fields of action

Based on the collaboration of the stakeholders from the sectors mobility providers, mobility systems and mobility components different fields of action will be addressed to provide an enhanced user experience. For each field diverse competencies are necessary to develop respective parts of multimodal mobility concepts.

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Services and membership components of the Multimodal Mobility Center

Next to the general affiliation with the RWTH Aachen Campus ecosystem, members become part of the multimodal mobility community and can participate in research & development projects as well as access further services.

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  • Access to shared desks
  • Right to rent rooms and working spaces
  • Usage of RWTH Aachen Campus membership  logo
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  • Participation of annual Metropolitan Cities Congress
  • Participation Strategy Board
  • Access to Intranet
  • Access to Knowledge Area in Intranet
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Research & Development

  • Consortial R&D-projects
  • Bilateral R&D-projects
  • Annual research summary
  • Submission of project proposals
  • Co-design of project roadmap
  • Monitoring and Management of government funding
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  • Consulting (Mgmt.-Workshops etc.)
  • Usage of infrastructure and personell
  • Taylored solutions for members


The enrollment in the Multimodal Mobility Center ensures a continuous cooperation between industry and science on RWTH Aachen Campus. Depending on the cooperation intensity, different membership types address your individual needs.

Become a member of our community to actively develope the future of Multimodal Mobility within a network of experts!

Contact us to enroll in our community

Portrait_Doelle Multimodal Mobility Center
Dr.-Ing. Christian Dölle
Initiator Multimodal Mobility Center
Phone: +49 (0)241 80 27568
Mobile:   +49 (0) 151 43184343
Portrait_Ebi Multimodal Mobility Center
Manuel Ebi, M.Sc.
Initiator Multimodal Mobility Center
Phone: +49 (0) 241 8027593
Mobile: +49 (0) 151 51526195