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Quick Decisions – Efficient Production

The manufacturing industry has increasingly gone global over past decades. Almost all of these companies now operate production facilities in other countries and market their products worldwide. Manufacturing companies must aim to design their structures and processes flexibly and with agility on location and network level to remain competitive in the future. Many innovative Industrie 4.0 and data analytics approaches offer plenty of potential to increase productivity. Key technologies and methods for mining that potential are developed and comprehensively tested in the Global Production Management Center.

Core topics of the Center

The Center facilitates active know-how exchange and practice-oriented consortial research options in the following areas:

  • Strategic and data-based design and control of agile value creation chains on location and network level
  • Concept creation and implementation of a global control center featuring an analysis toolbox for process optimization
  • Use of artificial intelligence and data analytics for production planning and process optimization
  • Proactive responses to changes in end-to-end processes for year-on-year productivity increases
  • Other topics and issues in production management triggered by the community
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Course of a community year

Community-year Global Production Management Center
Organizational framework:

  • Networking Events with theme workshops
    • In Aachen or at member companies
    • 1,5 days with evening event
    • Sufficient opportunity for networking
    • Preparation and follow-up by the center
  • Conception and programming of new tools by the center
  • Regular free webinars and discounted seminars
  • Possibility of joint research projects
Content of Networking Events:

  • 3 Networking events per year on topics selected and agreed upon in the community
  • Moderation of the joint meetings by the center
  • Presentations and discussion contributions by members
  • Keynote lectures from current research on the relevant topics
  • External lectures by guest speakers
  • Company visits
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Companies enroll as members of the Global Production Management Center. Enrolled companies exchange knowledge on the topic area of network and location design and participate in discussions with experts from the fields of academia on how to design and control excellent production networks and locations. Members receive methodical support in successfully designing global production networks and join other members in research projects focusing on future-proof production management. They will be given the wherewithal for critical analysis of their own efforts in production process design and for improving their own capabilities.

The center provides a non-competitive and confidential network for intensive knowledge exchange with companies from other industry sectors. Bilateral research and consultancy projects focus on finding company-specific solutions and on conveying know-how in all areas of production management.

Depending on the membership type chosen, members will benefit from the following service modules:

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  • Use of the RWTH Aachen membership logo
  • Temporary use of shared desks
  • The right to lease event facilities
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  • Access to the campus community
  • Interdisciplinary exchange with institutes and companies
  • Confidential competence network outside the competition
  • Participation in regular project meetings
  • Participation in annual meetings and Neworking Events
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Research & development

  • Joint development of tools and a global control room
  • Studies & Benchmarking for the early identification of trends and developments
  • Consortial R&D projects
  • Grants management
  • Involvement in the selection of center topics
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Further Education

  • Targeted and practice-oriented training of specialists and managers
  • Modular seminar landscape with renowned certificates
  • Webinar offerings
  • Hosting of in-house training sessions


Prof_Dr_Schuh_Clusterleiter_Produktionstechnik_RWTH_Aachen_Campus Global Production Management Center

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh

Chair of Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University

As the Chair of Production Engineering, Prof. Schuh is a driving force behind tomorrow’s production technology at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University. One particular strength of the Chair is the close interlinking of academic engineering and business management research, which is conveyed and deepened in various projects in support of manufacturing companies. The topics of the Chair include production and innovation management, business development, factory planning and vehicle production.

Prof.-van-de-Aalst Global Production Management Center

Prof. Dr. Wil van der Aalst

Chair of Process and Data Science

Prof. van der Aalst is a recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt professorship and Director of the Process and Data Science Group (PADS) within the occupational group Information Technology at RWTH Aachen. The areas of interest of the group include all activities, in which discrete processes are analyzed, revised and/or supported with data-controlled means. The focus on the process is combined with a large number of data science techniques. The result is then associated with neighboring disciplines like business research, algorithms, discrete behavior simulation, business process management and workflow automation.


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Dr. Jan-Philipp Prote
Center Director
Campus-Boulevard 30
52074 Aachen
Phone: +49 151 441 310 01