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18. January 2019

RWTH starts construction of Europe’s largest tech incubator

The RWTH is pleased about a positive decision within the framework of the funding program "Excellence Start-up Center.NRW" of the Ministry of Economic Affairs NRW. This will enable RWTH Aachen University to implement its project "Your Venture, Your Way - Leading the Way in Orchestrating Entrepreneurship".


Press Articles

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27. October 2017

Deutsche Welle reports about e.GO

A Deutsche Welle report on the e.GO provides an insight into the work on the RWTH Aachen Campus. Engineers Bastian Luedtke and Corinna Stengel and developer Dave Wood explain their contribution to the development of the e.GO Life electric car.



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5. December 2018

We asked Philipp Erdkönig | Comarch AG | Head of Strategic Product Management

Comarch is a global provider of IT solutions for mid-sized companies, large enterprises, small companies, banks and insurance carriers, as well as for the telecommunication and healthcare sector. The company is also an enrolled member of two centers in the Smart Logistics Cluster. Find out why and how Comarch is involved on RWTH Aachen Campus in our interview with Philipp Erdkönig, Head of Strategic Product Management at Comarch.