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Research. Learn.
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RWTH Aachen Campus

RWTH Aachen Campus contributes significantly towards highlighting the research competence available at RWTH University. The project creates a unique symbiosis of science and industry. Here, experts research specifically defined, relevant topics. Long-term areas of research are represented in clusters. These clusters are subdivided into centers, in which interdisciplinary teams and industry consortia work jointly on specific issues of the future and develop visionary solution approaches.

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15.01.2018 | QuellPunkt | Open House on January 23, 2018

The Catholic University Center QuellPunkt is opening on Campus Melaten with an Open House Day on Tuesday, January 23 between the hours of 11:00…

19.12.2017 | 12/18/2017 | HARTING becomes a member on RWTH Aachen Campus – Technology Group is driving digitalization forward

The HARTING Technology Group is now enrolled in the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center on RWTH Aachen Campus. The goal is to further intensify cooperation…

12.12.2017 | We asked Markus Hannen | Vice President PTC

PTC’s software solutions support the manufacturing industry in developing, producing, operating and servicing of products. The company is an enrolled member of the European…

Success Story: The Electric City Car e.GO Life

An RWTH Aachen Campus Development

Research areas | RWTH Aachen Campus

16 research clusters are under development on RWTH Aachen Campus in close proximity to major research institutes and facilities.