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RWTH Aachen Campus

RWTH Aachen Campus contributes significantly towards highlighting the research competence available at RWTH University. The project creates a unique symbiosis of science and industry. Here, experts research specifically defined, relevant topics. Long-term areas of research are represented in clusters. These clusters are subdivided into centers, in which interdisciplinary teams and industry consortia work jointly on specific issues of the future and develop visionary solution approaches.

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Campus Conference: May 13, 2020 First Center & Networking Meeting

RWTH Aachen Campus offers a unique research network of academia and industry. Exclusively for our campus members, around 20 centers from the clusters Construction, Photonics, Production Engineering, Heavy-Duty Drives and Smart Logistics, as well as the Innovation Factory present information about themselves on our Center Marketplace on May 13, 2020. You will also have the opportunity to get to know other members and to network. In addition, we offer participants of the Campus Conference a discounted participation at the Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium AWK’20 with more than 1,000 national and international guests on May 14 – 15, 2020.

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Jan Grüger

We asked Dr.-Ing. Tobias Hensen | Demonstration Factory Aachen | Authorized Officer

On RWTH Aachen Campus, the Demonstration Factory Aachen brings practice-oriented research and industry concepts together. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Hensen is Authorized Officer of the DFA. He explains how the DFA supports companies in their work on RWTH Aachen Campus and talks about what makes the Demonstration Factory unique. Read the full interview.

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Campus Quotes

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06.02.2020 | The construction site of the future: digitized and networked – terrain handover for the reference construction site on Campus West

RWTH Aachen University officially handed over a 10,000 square meter site to the Center Construction Robotics (CCR) in the Construction Cluster for its envisaged…

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12.12.2019 | Digitization enables paradigm shift in the real estate industry

The Center Smart Commercial Building develops new concepts for the use and operation of commercial real estate. Learn more about the work of the…

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20.11.2019 | We asked Cornelius Jessen | Vincerola | Managing Director

The Vincerola International Montessori Day Nursery and Preschool opened its doors on RWTH Aachen Campus in December 2014. Cornelius Jessen agreed to answer some…

The construction site of the future

RWTH Aachen University handed over a 10,000 square meter site to the Center Construction Robotics (CCR) in the Construction Cluster for its envisaged reference construction site. An interdisciplinary team of RWTH Aachen academics will use digitalization as its research basis in the Center Construction Robotics in conjunction with a European industry consortium at this construction site of the future – research topics will include many issues from pre-production of construction elements to fully automated construction sites. The reference construction site, a pilot project starting up temporarily on Campus West, will serve as a reality laboratory. Find out more about the reference construction site here!

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Campus GmbH / Steindl

RWTH Aachen and FH Aachen show the way to collective flying | Presentation of the Silent Air Taxi

e.SAT, RWTH Aachen University, RWTH Aachen Campus and FH Aachen presented a model of their Silent Air Taxi to the public for the first time. More than 50 experts from science and industry are driving the development of the Silent Air Taxi at the Aachen location. Get to know the Silent Air Taxi in the video below.

PTC and EPLAN realize new collaboration tools for Engineering 4.0 in the Living Demonstrator Environment of the European 4.0 Transformation Center

In the joint project “Digital Twin Mechatronic”, an innovative software solution for interdisciplinary collaboration on all aspects of mechatronic products was developed at E4TC together with the member companies EPLAN and PTC.

Success Story: The Electric City Car e.GO Life

An RWTH Aachen Campus Development

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Research areas | RWTH Aachen Campus

16 research clusters are under development on RWTH Aachen Campus in close proximity to major research institutes and facilities.

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